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Yellowknife teen to participate in Miss Teenage Canada competition

Contestant says competition is all about confidence
Marie-Luna Langlois Escandon, a Grade 11 student from Yellowknife, will be competing in the Miss Teenage Canada 2024 competition in Toronto on July 14th. She hopes the experience will be a confidence-builder and help her develop her skills and talent. Photo courtesy of Marie-Luna Langlois Escandon

A Yellowknife teen is preparing to put her best foot forward when she travels to Toronto in July to compete in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant.

Marie-Luna Langlois Escandon, a Grade 11 student at Sir John Franklin High School, will be wearing the sash Miss Teenage Yellowknife 2024 while competing in her quest for the crown.

SA国际影视传媒淚 think this contest is about confidence,SA国际影视传媒 Escandon said.

SA国际影视传媒淵ou need to know how to talk in public and how to act and this will help me also,SA国际影视传媒 she said of the experience of being onstage with other contestants.

Although she grew up in Quebec, Escandon has Colombian roots and she said such contests are very popular in South America.

SA国际影视传媒淚 wanted to try something new and participate and inspire other young girls to pursue their dreams,SA国际影视传媒 she said.

Michelle Weswaldi, owner/executive director of Pageant Group Canada Inc. in Toronto, said in an email she created the Miss Teenage Canada pageant in 2008.

The company also produces a pageant for those in the 18-32 age bracket, and has the rights to send participants to Miss World Canada, which her company also produces, and to four other international pageants, according to Weswaldi.

While the Miss Teenage Canada pageant used to draw in 50 to 75 contestants prior to Covid, they now have 36 for this year's event, she said, adding she wants to expand that number again.

Through an online voting system on the SA国际影视传媒楥atch the CrownSA国际影视传媒 website, the public votes for their preferred contestant and the 20 teenagers with the most votes get to compete.

This year's event will be held July 14. Escandon will be in Toronto area for 10 days with the other contestants, during which time she will first do a professional photo shoot to post on her social media.

Weswaldi said the girls will go SA国际影视传媒渟omewhere fun, to a show or to Wonderland or somethingSA国际影视传媒 during one of the days and on the other days, they will do photo shoots, videos and participate in the talent and fashion show.

SA国际影视传媒淎nd they rehearse a lot,SA国际影视传媒 she said.

The pageant will be held at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts.

Such dreams come with a cost, however, and Weswaldi said there are expenses associated with the pageant.

SA国际影视传媒淚 guess think of it like a camp or extracurricular activity,SA国际影视传媒 Weswaldi said in her email, noting that meals and lodging are covered.

For Escandon, she has paid $3,000 for her chance at the Miss Teenage Canada title.

Weswaldi said there is a SA国际影视传媒楾op 5SA国际影视传媒 group of winners, plus a Miss Teenage Goodwill Ambassador, a Miss Teenage Ambassador, a Miss Teenage Congeniality and a series of SA国际影视传媒淏est in...SA国际影视传媒 categories.

The winner of the Miss Teenage Canada competition will travel and compete in the Miss Teen Mundial (World) competition that is usually held in El Salvador, Weswaldi said.

Escandon said she is grateful to represent her community and hopes it encourages and inspires others to believe in their abilities.

SA国际影视传媒淭he challenge of participating in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant came as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and accomplish something extraordinary. I am delighted to demonstrate that even coming from a small town with limited opportunities, anything is possible with determination and hard work,SA国际影视传媒 Escandon wrote in a previous email to SA国际影视传媒.




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