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City removes exposed pipe on Franklin Avenue

The city has removed an exposed pipe on Franklin Avenue
A picture of what was an exposed pipe on Franklin Avenue. The top of it appears to have been sawed off so it's no longer protruding.

The city has removed an exposed pipe on Franklin Avenue.

On July 2, there was a short piece of pipe sticking out near the Racquet Club.

Yellowknifer was alerted to the obstruction. It protruded a few inches high, enough to damage someone's tire if they drove over it.

The top of the pipe looks like it was subsequently sawed off, however.

In an email, the city provided the following information about the situation.

SA国际影视传媒淭he exposed pipe in question is a plastic pipe that was likely installed as a monitoring well," said Chris Greencorn, the municipality's director of public works. "The freeze/thaw cycles can cause this infrastructure to push through the surface over time."

 Greencorn added that exposed pipes have occurred in other areas of Yellowknife where similar monitory wells exist. 

About the Author: Devon Tredinnick

Devon Tredinnick is a reporter for SA国际影视传媒. Originally from Ottawa, he's also a recent journalism graduate from Carleton University.
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